Sign the Every Street Voter Pledge:

I think it’s time that our government works for Every Street, Not Wall Street.

I’m angry that banks and big business pay less while we pay more. I pledge to turn that anger into power by becoming an Every Street Voter.

Being an Every Street Voter means I believe in:

  • Health Care. The public’s needs and interests must come before corporate profits. We need to continue to reform the insurance industry, expand affordable coverage and develop policies that reduce racial and ethnic disparities in New York’s health care system.
  • Quality Education. Money matters for low-income students and students of color who are being left behind at alarming rates. Instead of cutting back on education, we need to protect their future with programs like pre-K and after-school, and prepare them for college.
  • Fair Elections. Our campaign finance system gives wealthy special interests enormous influence over our government. We need public financing of elections to make sure that our elected officials are accountable to the people.
  • Jobs for Our Community. Our federal government must invest in infrastructure, our schools, and green jobs, instead of funding tax breaks for big corporations. At least a million jobs should be created, including in communities facing the most severe unemployment.
  • A Gas Drilling Moratorium. The health & safety of average citizens is more important than profits for the gas industry. We need a moratorium on gas drilling until concerns are resolved to the satisfaction of the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • A Fair Budget and Fair Taxes. Bad policies have helped the rich get richer, while leaving everyone else behind. Our state and federal governments can raise the money for basic human needs by asking the richest people to pay their fair share through fair taxes.

I pledge to be an Every Street Voter!

By submitting this form, you become a member of Citizen Action of New York, which entitles you to recieve information on important issues and actions and to attend the annual meeting and vote for at-large board members.